What is BMT?

The treatment is simple and easy: listening to the music made by your own brain waves.

Yes, you probably know by now what music you like best and what it does to you, but did you know there is one ultimate soundtrack you can access that will insure your absolute best results and fully optimize your mind wherever you go, whatever you do?

That soundtrack is music made from your own brain waves.

This may sound strange, but it’s real, and it works.

This music is known as BRAIN MUSIC THERAPY (BMT).

BMT is one of the form of biofeedback, neurofeedback, where brain waves tend to recognize themselves when you ‘hear’, ‘play’ them back to yourself.

When this happens, your brain waves are more responsive, allowing you to more accurately manipulate them, raising or lowering their frequency to your desire.

Therefore, music generated from your own brain waves allows you to experience longer-lasting, more sustainable effects than listening to other music.

As a result, you can use your own brain waves, your ultimate soundtrack to train your brain to achieve higher levels of calmness, alertness, and balance at the push of a button.

Yes, you can do it on your own and wherever and whenever you want.

Just put your soundtrack on your iPod, MP3 player, or cell phone, and don’t carry your optimal mindsets with you in your pocket!

And of course, like any other training program, to make your treatment successful you need to practice.

When you practice listening to your own relaxing brain waves, twice a day and extra times when needed, you will make your brain waves more relaxed and yourself a less anxious, more balanced person, who sleeps much better.

When you practice listening to your activating track, your brain waves will be trained to reach your optimal alertness, even per specific situations if you choose to train that way, so you’ll feel energized, optimized and happy and you will focus and perform better.

Extensive clinical experience shows that BMT is effective in helping you achieve alertness, calmness, improved organizational skills, emotional strength, improved mood, and sharpened memory. Many people have reported that they have been able to reduce and even completely eliminate their need for sleep and anti-anxiety medications as a result of BMT.

The best part is that BMT, like all your playlist tunes, is noninvasive, has no negative side effects, and is enjoyable. It’s much more cost effective than most medication. You can also use it just like you would any other playlist. You can download it onto your iPod, with all your other playlists, and carry it right in your pocket.