Are you experiencing overwhelming thoughts about economy, your job, or relationships?
Are you sleeping poorly?
Have you been anxious, worried about things— people, your family, significant others, your future?
Are you feeling tired? Can’t concentrate?
Are you experiencing frequent headaches? Feeling sad, depressed, or less productive?
Perhaps, you tried some form of available treatment?
Have your tried medications? And:

• They worked okay— for a while—and now you are thinking you’d like to decrease the dosage under your doctor’s supervision?
• Or maybe stop them all together because of the side-effects?
• Or you are getting tolerant and somewhat addicted to your sleep and anti-anxiety pills?
• Are these medications too expensive?
• Do they require frequent doctors’ visits?

Would you prefer to start, add to your current treatment or perhaps switch your treatment with one that is
Scientifically proven
Non-invasive, no-side-effects
Doesn’t involve taking medications
No frequent doctors’ visits
User friendly
Cost effective
Easy to carry with you wherever and whenever you need it
Fun and simple


What is the origin of the treatment?

Brain music therapy was developed in the early 1990s, at the Moscow Medical Academy, in Russia, the same place where the iconic physiologist Dr. Ivan Pavlov launched the basics of neurophysiology. Yes Brain Music Therapy is a form of Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, which initially was build on classical then operant conditioning, terms some of you probably still remember from school and college.

Following long-term efforts of a group of neurophysiologists, clinicians, and mathematicians led by Dr. Yakov Levin, a special technology was developed to turn a person’s unique brain waves into piano music. This technology and treatment became known as BMT. Read more

Finding BMT

The main BMT center is located in New York City, but there are affiliate providers you can access across the country (for a list of providers, see the website).

When you meet with a provider, he or she makes a five-minute recording of your EEG.

The BMT Common File

If you want to sample a “universal file” first and see if it may work at some degree

Or if you are far from your provider and can’t come to us to New York

Or perhaps you can’t wait and are just sick and tired of sleepless nights and overwhelming anxious thoughts

Or if even though BMT may be cost effective compared to your medication costs and frequent doctors’ visits, it is not something you can afford at the moment,
We have a remedy for you right now without your having to make it to our offices:
Read more