“With Brain Music Therapy I experience less mood swings, more calmness, and no more feeling of being on the edge.”

- Nancy Ring, DBT Therapist

“From the very first time that I listened to my Brain Music Therapy activating file, I felt it work. I felt more awake and increased my productivity.”

- Dr. Joan Mones, Pathologist

“It helped with my sleep, relieved anxiety and tension.”

- Vince Harmann, Business Executive

“I’m listening to my relaxing music before painting. It helps me to enter an emotionally balanced state before creating an art work.”

- Victoria Steinberg, Artist

“I am much calmer, and it is easier to talk to people. I recently got a promotion.”

- David Henson, Manager

“I thought it was an easy solution to a very big problem, because it’s so easy to pop that CD in and let everything relax.”

- Karen Goldberg, School Teacher

“Now, after about a month of using the CD, I fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up fewer times during the night. Sometimes, I even fall asleep before the eight-minute-long relaxation file finishes. And I’ve never fallen asleep that quickly in my life.”

- Phil Colpas, Reporter

“I listened to it every night. It helps me sleep and to stay asleep and I find that I’m more relaxed and productive during the day.”

- Kathleen Caputo, Commercial Real Estate Manager